Peter Miller, COO

Peter Miller is Chief Operating Officer of Genomic Healthcare Strategies, a company focused on the changes in healthcare resulting from advances in molecular medicine. GHS provides strategy and implementation services for companies looking to enter or grow in the new markets emerging as result of predictive diagnostics and preventive medicine.He has a record of anticipating market changes and technology advances and successfully creating companies around them

He has spent his career building companies which have operated in expanding markets driven by new technology. He has a track record of spotting trends and successful implementation.

He did his undergraduate work at MIT. While working on his MBA at MIT’s Sloan School, he was a founding member of Abt Associates Inc, and over a period of 17 years worked as COO and Board member as the company grew from 3 people to 800. Abt Associates is a $200 million firm working in fields such as health care research and policy, clinical trials, and survey research.

Peter has been a key advisor to firms facing a variety of transitional events (external or internal), entering new markets, and facing choices around mergers/acquisitions/going public. He has helped build successful companies in software and professional services, three of which were sold to public companies. He has served on a number of boards of innovative technology companies, helping build their success, both organizationally and in their markets.

He has a long term interest in health care. He established the original health care research group at Abt Associates. He has helped teach a course at Harvard School of Public Health, working with Dr. John Bryant, later Dean of Columbia’s School of Public Health. He has worked on physician education with the American Association of Medical Colleges and has been a board member of several health care services firms.

He has extensive experience with entrepreneurial companies, having successfully worked with firms raising money seven times, both as an employee and as a business plan quarterback. He is involved in M&A activities on both the buy and sell sides. In addition he has been a licensed (NASD) broker/dealer.

Peter is a frequent invited speaker on the changing healthcare landscape, writing and speaking on Personalized Medicine for many years as a thought leader. He has been invited to speak at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference, LabCompete, the University of California at Santa Barbara’s Technology Management Program, among others. Peter is co-author with Keith Batchelder of GHS of an invited Nature Biotechnology commentary: “A Change in the Market – Investing in Diagnostics.”

He is active with his alma mater, having been Board Chairman of the Global MIT Enterprise Forum, a past board member of the MIT Alumni Association, and currently helps fledgling startups as Co-Director of the MIT Venture Mentoring Service.