Our View of Molecular Medicine

Molecular medicine is changing everything. GHS believes that knowledge of the molecular basis of disease is having profound consequences, resulting in new investments, new initiatives, and new markets. These changes will radically alter the healthcare landscape, bringing in new players, changing the power relationships of participants, creating new economic models, altering old ones, and making informed consumers a major force. While much of this activity will take place in hospitals and doctor’s offices, an increasing portion of this change will happen outside of the current healthcare establishment. GHS is at the forefront of strategy in this space.

A number of factors are coming together to fuel this rapidly growing market:

  • Extraordinary scientific progress in understanding the mechanism of action of disease
  • Increasing quantitation of complex diagnostics
  • An overloaded healthcare system which focuses on end of life
  • Seventy million aging and worried baby boomers with disposable income
  • A fire hose of information available on the internet
  • Patients becoming consumers as they take charge of their own healthcare
  • The ability to provide individualized health information to patients before they develop symptoms
  • Firms in a consumer society under pressure to find new sources of revenues and profits

There are many events and changes going on in healthcare. They may seem unrelated, hard to understand, or not relevant. But they are indeed connected, part of an overall landscape with clear drivers, and will have predictable impacts.

GHS has studied these new markets for years. We understand how the disparate pieces are related. We can help you plan. We can show you where to invest. We can help you focus your strategy to take advantage of these changes. We have insights that penetrate the fog. Most importantly, we have a track record of success in this new space.