GHS Merger/Acquisition Services

GHS has special expertise and a focus on molecular diagnostics, which will help drive changes in healthcare. We strongly believe that there are opportunities in this space for equity investors with vision and understanding of current and future markets. Diagnostics will drive many of the new healthcare markets.

Merger/acquisition activity in healthcare markets is expanding rapidly as companies see the need to add resources and stake out promising market and technology areas. It is critical to consider M/A strategies now, before the increasing competition for promising technologies prices assets too high in a molecular medicine bubble.

There is a limited set of companies which possess high-value intellectual property, technology, channels, scientific staff, markets, and brands. Moreover, some companies which appear strong at present will quickly lose their technology advantages.  Selecting the right company for acquisition is challenging; selecting and screening a group of companies which will fit well together is even more challenging.

Genomic Healthcare Strategies has a breadth and depth of experience in strategy development as well as in the selection, vetting, and acquisition of diagnostic companies and IP which helps our clients successfully create strong, focused companies around particular prevention and disease areas.

Genomic Healthcare Strategies works with clients to:

  • Perform due diligence before an acquisition
  • Actively facilitate targeted diagnostic roll-ups
  • Provide consulting services to support the accumulation of diagnostic companies and IP properties:
  • Strategy formulation and acquisition criteria development
  • Strategy and business plan review
  • Search coordination
  • Post-acquisition management support

We work with multiple equity sources but we are careful to avoid conflicts of interest in our projects.