Consulting Examples

Every company is unique.  Each has different strengths, vulnerabilities, and opportunities.  Because we have a comprehensive view of molecular medicine our services and insights are applicable to many different situations.  Personalized Medicine is having an impact on even the most well-established and successful companies.  If you’re not paying attention or not prepared, you can be harmed by your markets changing very quickly.  GHS can help you stay ahead of these changes.

Since our work usually involves high level corporate strategy and new market entry, we are typically under confidentiality agreements and our examples below can only provide limited details.  However, we believe that they are illustrative of GHS’s focus and activities. We think you might see situations comparable to yours and look forward to hearing from you.

Strategic Guidance

For a Fortune 500 company: On-going strategic input, review, and guidance for senior executives around the company’s utilization of the new science of molecular medicine to reduce healthcare costs for their covered populations. The company has implemented major changes in focus, along with new initiatives which have successfully strengthend their competitive position.

Executive Briefings and Discussions

For several Fortune 500 companies: Executive briefings and strategy discussions to introduce personalized health and wellness markets to them, facilitate internal dialogue, and allow them to begin to consider options for entering these markets.

Business Planning

For a venture-backed U.S. diagnostics company: Business strategy development around market entry, review and selection of their most commercially viable offerings, quick paths to revenues, and development of their business plan. Led to successfully attaining next round of funding and moving forward at higher valuation.

Strategy Review

For a major venture capital firm: Review of and comment on their internal plan and criteria for investing their new fund focused on diagnostics.

For a major pharma company:  Review and critique of their strategy around a particular market for executives at the highest level.  Our recommendations are being adopted.

Due Diligence

For a Fortune 500 company: In-depth scientific, competitive, commercial, and market due diligence around a major initiative with a potential partner. Changed their direction towards a more commercially viable arrangement.

For a smaller company, intensive review of an acquisition candidate to evaluate the possibilities of combined technologies and markets leading to strength in supporting molecular diagnostics development and support.  The result was a negative report, saving our client significant money and loss of momentum.

Market Introduction

For a European diagnostic firm: Strategy development, offering diagnostic and disease category selection and detailed operational planning for entry into U.S. markets. Specific issues dealt with included regulatory pathways, sales and marketing, payer strategies, reimbursement, interaction with patient advocacy groups, and communications.

Partnering Strategies

For an early-stage molecular diagnostic company, developed and implemented a strategy for reduced equity dilution and quicker time to significant sales volume through innovative partnering arrangements.

Market Entry Analysis

For an overseas company, exploration of healthcare markets which their manufacturing capabilities might allow them to enter.  GHS helped them avoid entering several commodity markets with declining prices and pointed them toward growth markets.

Consumer Genomics Standards

GHS participates in industry organizations and serves on an industry standards/self regulatory advisory committee.

Let us explore with you, how your company will be affected by personalized medicine and how to use the changing marketplace to your advantage. We understand how the disparate pieces of these new markets are related, and can help your company take advantage of emerging opportunities. Our clear insights have helped make our clients to become successful in this new space.

Please contact GHS to discuss how we might work together.