GHS Consulting

We help our clients deal with and solve the real business challenges they face.  All GHS staffers have had operational roles and significant profit and loss responsibility.  We don’t provide theoretical solutions and then leave the implementation problems to you.  Much of our work deals with high level issues such as approaches to markets, M/A due diligence, partnerships, and selection of offerings to succeed in markets. In addition, we work with you on implementation as you introduce new products and services.

Our exceptional experience and thinking in this space helps us to work as a team with our clients to align their products and services with the right customers who recognize the value of these offerings.

GHS has real world experience and specific market knowledge.  We have been providing our services to help clients succeed for more than eight years.  Personalized Medicine is changing the old models of how healthcare and wellness work.  Many organizations are out of their comfort zones when working in this space.  We help you understand the new markets and decide how to proceed and capture value, as segments of the market re-arrange themselves.

We focus on making our clients succeed in changing markets, rather than following old business models which increasingly fail to provide market leadership.

Determining the right strategy for resource deployment in the changing markets of healthcare, prevention, and cost reduction is challenging. The strong GHS team helps companies break out of the restrictive past perceptions of the market and have a clear view of new directions.