Building Markets Based on Molecular Medicine

Genomic Healthcare Strategies helps companies pursue opportunities related to Personalized Medicine.  Our sole focus is on personalized medicine and its commercial implications for healthcare and wellness markets, broadly defined.

We believe that the new science and the new insights of molecular medicine are fundamentally changing healthcare in the US and around the world.

What was only a view of the future five or ten years ago is now reality.  And now organizations, both commercial and non-profit, are dealing  with today’s expectations and problems of implementation.

To quote former FDA commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach: “…that transformation [to personalized medicine]…is so profound and so radical that I call it a metamorphosis: a molecular metamorphosis in which the future of health and healthcare will be no more like the past than a butterfly is like a caterpillar. It is that radical. It is that profound. And it will alter and change not just one thing; it will change everything.”

Healthcare organizations are facing problems and opportunities they never anticipated.  Their staffs aren’t ready, their existing partners and business models don’t work as well as they used to.  GHS can help you move into the new world of Personalized Medicine.

We consult with and advise a range of companies, from Fortune 50 firms to venture-funded start-ups. We help organizations form strategies and deploy their resources in order to take advantage of opportunities and avoid vulnerabilities in rapidly changing healthcare markets.  Our project teams are made up of senior, experienced executives and scientists, all of whom have had profit-and-loss experience.